Dear Mavrodians,

As you all are aware we had to restart the system due to complete imbalance in provide help and get help due to large number of fake ids and intentions to spoil the system. And this situation can happen in any financial institution where they either completely shut down their shutters or run away. But MMM is not going to RUN AWAY or close down shutters. We have proved it number of times that MMM cannot close down, or anybody can stop MMM. Its a REVOLUTION for common Man who does help with his FREE MONEY. Ideology of MMM is that common man to be benefited by helping each other and together we fight against the monopoly of the FED.

We were glad that this time we had large number of fresh participants who were not a part of MMM2012 and they had done help but were not able to get back help from participants.

As per the earlier restart formula : Those participant who got help more than what they have given help, their accounts will be zero and those participants who had given help but did not get help or got less that what they had provided help, their accounts will will get the option to add the balance old mavros manually in their PO. But this process will take some time to implement.

Together we can do a lot
Long Live MMM

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